Virtual pianos comparison

The following links compare different virtual pianos, rendering the slow part of the Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu.

The MIDI file can be downloaded here.

The original interpretation can be viewed here

(Free) Salamander

(Free) The Experience Fazioli F308 Player

AcousticSamples A-Pian (Gaveau)

AcousticSamples Academic Grand

AcousticSamples B-Pian

AcousticSamples Kawai EX Pro

AcousticSamples OldBlackGrand (Pleyel)

Addictive Keys Modern Upright

Addictive Keys Studio Grand

Arturia Piano V2 - American Grand

Arturia Piano V2 - Classical Upright

Arturia Piano V2 - German Grand

Arturia Piano V2 - Japanese Grand

Arturia Piano V2 - Jazz Upright

Arturia Piano V2 - Pop Grand

Arturia Piano V2 - Pop Upright

Bechstein Digital Grand

EWQL Gold Bechstein

EWQL Gold Bösendorfer

EWQL Gold Steinway D

EWQL Gold Yamaha

Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D

Fluffy My Piano

Galaxy 1929 Baby Grand

Galaxy Steinway

Galaxy Vienna Grand

Galaxy Vintage D

Garittan CFX Player

Ivory American Concert D

Ivory Grands Bösendorfer 290

Ivory Grands German D

Ivory Grands Italian 10ft

Ivory Grands Studio C7

Ivory Studio Bösendorfer 225

Ivory Studio Model B

Ivory Upright Modern

Ivory Upright Vintage


NI Alicias Keys

NI Noire Pure (2)

NI Noire Pure

NI The Gentleman

NI The Giant

NI The Grandeur

NI The Maverick

NI Una Corda Pure

Pearl Concert Grand

Piano In Blue

Pianoteq Ant. Petrof

Pianoteq Bechstein DG

Pianoteq Blüthner

Pianoteq Grotrian

Pianoteq K2

Pianoteq Mistral Petrof

Pianoteq Steingraeber

Pianoteq Steinway B

Pianoteq Steinway D HB

Pianoteq Steinway D NY

Pianoteq U4

Pianoteq YC5

Roland Tera Piano

Soniccouture The Hammersmith

UVI Acoustic Grand

UVI Baby Grand Piano

UVI F Grand 278

UVI Upright Grand Piano

VILabs Ravenscroft 275

VILabs TrueKeys American

VILabs TrueKeys German

VILabs TrueKeys Italian

VSL Synchron Blüthner

VSL Synchron Bösendorfer 280VC

VSL Synchron Bösendorfer Imperial

VSL Synchron Bösendorfer Upright

VSL Synchron Steinway

VSL Synchron Yamaha CFX

VSL Vienna Imperial

Yamaha N1X Bösendorfer

Yamaha N1X CFX Binaural

Yamaha N1X CFX Player