The HP-Simulator emulates the HP11C, HP12C, HP15C and HP16C.

This emulator is based on the nonpareil HP-CPU emulator (see nonpareil.brouhaha.com) and the frontend of the FreeHP15C emulator (see hp15c.com).

As the used frontend, it is based on the Qt framework by Digia it should be compilable on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Sources are here : hp-simulator-1.01-src.zip

Windows compiled files are here : hp-simulator_1.01.zip

Note: on the first startup, the calculator display Pr Error because it has lost its RAM. Any key should get rid of this message. Closing the window keeps the state of the calculator (it does not even emulate ON/OFF cycle).

The paste menu doesn't work.

Press h to show/hide the keyboard shortcuts

Please, consider this project as a GPL licensed one (LICENSING file should be updated).... Excepted HP ROM images.